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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions :

Our dear customer (Wasatcard) is an institution specialized in selling electronic cards and we have only the types mentioned in our website where you can communicate with us through the following site so that you can know the nature of the institution and the nature of its work and also can find all the numbers of the accounts of the institution that allows you to convert Any amounts of purchase through these numbers and the establishment of the Central Computer Thank you very much to communicate with them and inform you. In the right way to buy cards short for time and effort and save the rights of the parties

First read the conditions in the system of our institution and not to ignore and then approve or reject the conditions are as follows:

1 – The purchase of cards was based on my desire to do so

2. The cards acknowledge that their use by me is my responsibility and u after my receipt

3 – Receipt of cards is through the account or email and that under the encoded some cards PDF invoice on the formula

4- Your use of the cards or sending them to any merchant is your sole responsibility without any responsibility for the Central Computer Corporation

5 – Not contact the Central Computer Center after receipt of the card or contact the institution via Watsab unless there is a problem in the card

6. Once your application has been executed, you must confirm that you have received the invoice and then you are not entitled to return or replace your application

7 – In case you want to retrieve the card in case of non – use and make sure our party of the validity of the card you are entitled to recover after deduction of 10% administrative expenses of the amount of the original amount and return the amount after deduction to the same account received from him.

8. In circumstances where the customer is allowed to contact the institution, the call is prohibited from any number outside Saudi Arabia. Only the account holder is allowed to communicate with the Central Computer Corporation

9 – Central Computer Computers Telecom is an institution specialized only in the sale of prepaid cards and electronic commerce documented by the Ministry of Commerce and we have no “relationship with any investment company or trading” or any trade within or outside the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia and we have no other branches

10- If the previous conditions are rejected and the buyer does not complete the purchase before the card is issued and the customer asks for refund, the amount will be refunded within 48 hours.

11. If the above conditions are approved, you must write (read the complete terms and agree to them) or send a soundtrack approving the previous conditions