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You can register through the login page and then create an account to complete the purchase and make sure that all the data is correct where you will not be able to buy in the event of any lack or lack of information.

You can shop by adding products to the shopping cart and then completing the order and payment.

Yes, all the products on the site which you can add to the basket are located in the stores of the store where we ship them directly to the customer.

Yes you can return the product if you do not like it, but it must be during the first day of receipt of the product and the cost of returning the product is covered by the customer and will be deducted from the total amount of the shipping value sent but the product should not have been opened by the client and still in the condition of the factory and not applicable to the cards Shipping.

Unfortunately we can not do this after we ship the order.

In case you have any queries do not hesitate to contact our customer service

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